About us

Since my husband and I met, we knew that we would have a dog one day. Finally the time had come in 1985. A Nordic dog was what we wanted - we had seen the picture of an Eurasian dog and thought that this was exactly the kind of dog we wanted to become our new family member. After we had been waiting for 1½ years Chakan came into our family and from that time on we knew that a proper dog has to have small pointing ears and a "ring rail".

In the beginning of the nineties the world champion dog show was in Dortmund - what a day for a dog-fancier. There we saw THEM for the first time. Big, dark-faced, strong-boned... Today this kind of Akita is called American Akita. Immediately we were fascinated and we knew that one day an Akita bitch would follow when Chakan would have left us.

It seemed to be our fortune that Armin found a job in Japan in 1996/97 so why not bring a little bitch home while having the chance? Aisha go Takao-Kensha - small, light red, tiny and a real Akita lady. Don't-touch-me and oops-and-gone dog. Chakan was simply disgusted! Having learnt to get on with three children during all his years, which wasn't easy at all for him, he decided that this was too much! Two years later he saw another Akita dog arriving - Akiyoshi go Niigata Nakayou Kimura - before he died with almost 15 years. Unfortunately Yoshi only lived 1½ years - he died of cancer.

Once Akita - always Akita!